I own a busi­ness ser­vices office and my staff is con­stantly using the key­board and mouse. Con­cerned with pre­vent­ing injury, I pur­chased gloves for every­one in my office to take home and wear each day to relieve the stress accu­mu­lated dur­ing their work-day. My staff is very happy with the glove. I use it too – It stretches your fin­gers, hand and arm and relieves ten­sion, even in the elbow and shoul­der. The Relief Glove is a fan­tas­tic option for reliev­ing day-to-day strains, pre­vent­ing pain and other prob­lems. I could not be hap­pier with this prod­uct!

– Ceci M., Busi­ness Owner”

I am a pro­fes­sional gui­tar player and com­puter pro­gram­mer. The Relief Glove not only pro­vides instant relief when my wrists are aching at the end of a long day’s work, but after only a month it has turned a career threat­en­ing chronic pain into some­thing man­age­able. I am actu­ally get­ting bet­ter for the first time in years.It used to hurt ter­ri­bly every day, but now it only both­ers me a cou­ple times a week and much less severe.

– Diane D., Com­puter Pro­gram­mer and Pro­fes­sional Musician

I would con­stantly com­plain of wrist and fore­arm pain – work­ing with a com­puter most of the day began to take a toll on my hand and fore­arm mus­cles. I got the Relief Glove and I felt the relief after the very first use. I wear it at home while watch­ing my favorite TV show and my wrist now feels as good as new. The Wrist Release Glove is great!

– Dinora G., Insur­ance Administrator

When Dr. Ruch first told me his idea for this Glove about 18 years ago, I was skep­ti­cal. Six months later I started hav­ing pain in my thumb and lit­tle fin­ger. Dr. Ruch let me bor­row the first pro­to­type . I used it for about three weeks. One day I real­ized I had no pain. Of course, I was sold on the idea.I have one of the orig­i­nal Gloves, use it when I need it, and con­tinue to share it with my friends. I don’t like to take a lot of med­i­cine so the Glove is a great way to get a tremen­dous amount of relief with­out hav­ing to med­icate your­self. Get a Glove, you won’t be sorry.

– Donna R.

I have been a mas­sage ther­a­pist for more than 14 years. Dur­ing that time, I have had only one wrist injury. While using a rototiller on friend’s back­yard, I hit a rock buried deep in the ground with the impact jerk­ing the rototiller vio­lently pop­ping it upward. The impact dam­aged by wrist so badly I had to work injured for months.For two years, I have had a weak wrist, lim­ited range of motion, and a chronic ache. Dr. Ruch gave me the Relief Glove, and I used it every night for about two weeks. One day it occurred to me I had not used the Glove for about a month and had never even thought about it. I stopped need­ing it because the Glove works so well. Now I have full range of motion, I’m pain free, stronger, and hap­pier. Thanks Dr. Ruch!

– Mike D., Cer­ti­fied Mas­sage Therapist

I have suf­fered from ten­donitis in the right arm for about 8 years. Repet­i­tive stresses at work – typ­ing, mouse, ten-key – made pain worse. For relief, I have tried pain pills, mas­sage ther­apy, myofas­cial release, stretch exer­cises … some things gave me some relief, but pain would always creep back up into my arm. I heard about the Relief Glove from a good friend and decided to try it.It has made a world of dif­fer­ence for me! I felt relief imme­di­ately after putting it on! It was as if the Relif Glove opened up key path­ways in my hand and my arm – I felt every­thing opening-up and allow­ing my arm to rest and release. The Glove worked so well for me that lately I rarely feel the need to use it. It is easy to use and very effec­tive – I know that should I need to, I can just slip it back on and it will give me last­ing relief!

– Hugo M.